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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Scarecrow Time!

Visit our Scarecrows in the Garden page to find out how you, your church, community organization, school, or business can join the fun and create a scarecrow to display throughout October. Here are a few submissions from last year!


  1. Fascinating! I used to think scarecrows only have one appearance. @_@ I guess, I was wrong then. Who knew brides and Harry Potter could be good scarecrows too? Haha. This scarecrow display is a brilliant idea for gardens. Any garden will look interesting with these scary slash adorable scare crows, especially during Halloween. Haha! I wish I could see all of the entries soon. :D

    Elizaveta Kramer

  2. Scarecrows! Who’s scared of scarecrows? Haha! I never thought of having scarecrows in our garden, but after seeing this, I might even consider the idea. If ever I’ll do this scarecrow thing, my theme would be “The Twilight”, but not Edward or Jacob, only Jasper Hale! <3

    -Katy Eagles